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Theconceptdresser was founded by Karnit Aharoni, a fashion designer and globe-trotter.

In the beginning it was just a seed of an idea, mixing and matching styles and cultures, to create a stronger collection.

It took some traveling, learning, growing, evolving, meeting, talking, conversing, shopping, hanging-out, having fun, and

being inspired, to finally become what it is: A place of shared passions for fashion travel design and art.

It’s all in the name: THECONCEPTDRESSER; ideas which inspire us on how to dress.

Mixing what we have, what we find, what we buy, with the highest regards for quality, and true love for details and


THECONCEPTDRESSER is a place to get away when you can’t get away.

Find the coolest stuff from different places.

Imagine the experience, hear the sounds, taste the flavors and shop shop shop.

Classics with a global twist that you absolutely can’t live without:



Ok, if you’re really insisting, Karnit’s CV in a nut-shell:

-Bachelor of art with honors from shenkar college in Israel, in textile design specializing in knitwear

-Masters degree from the ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART in London in Fashion menswear

-Worked for several brands such as Donna Karan in NYC and Ermenegildo Zegna in Italy amongst others…

-Started her own company : “KAES” for design and consultancy in NYC, and also founded her own brand of athletic street-wear : “Colpo di Testa”

-Lived and worked in London Milan and NYC

-Moved to France

-Decided she had absolutely enough of working for other people, and started working on her dream (since forever)concept-store :THECONCEPTDRESSER