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Coffee is a state of mind

  • October 7, 2014 7:53 pm by karnit
even when travelling

Air port coffee




DSC_0042coffee-and-tigerDSC00057coffee cup theconceptdresser

You say THECONCEPTDRESSER you say coffee.

Unimaginable to start the day without,

to go through the day without,

It’s just the way things work:

you open your eyes, you stretch, euooooooooooooo!

Out the window, checking the weather…

One foot forward then the other… coffee: brewing smelling sniiiiiiiifffffffff, holding sipping thinking…

one thought followed by the other, and another and another and another sip and a deep breath, yey, inspiration.. or not.

Moving on,

phone calls, computer ,emails, talking thinking eating meeting, you know, life. Coffee

Seeing, watching, inspecting, visualizing, thinking… coffee, inspiration… or not.

Writing eating laughing, doing something silly, having a silly conversation, listening to a silly joke… coffee

researching, drawing, painting, creating, innovating, imagining… coffee, inspiration… or not.

And so on and so forth